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Use This Protein Powder

April 12, 2012

All Protein powders are  not created equal. Remember it comes from an animal not unlike a piece of meat would. So to think that a hot dog is the same as a grass fed steak would be crazy. Yet, the average person does not make this correlation to powder. Remember, it did not start off as a powder. Whey protein comes from the milk of a cow. If that cow was not fed good nutrition and it was pumped with drugs and hormones, it ends up in your protein powder. You are what you eat applies to everything that you put in your body.

Dr. Mercola talks about this in more detail in the article below. Please take the time to read it and even watch the video. He is selling a product. But, this product for the price can not be beat. This a  powder that you can and should put in your body daily. It is good for you and your family. The price is really good when you get 3 at a time. Check with people at boot camp if you do not want to by 3 alone. I will start making a mention of this so that you guys can go in on it together. It ends up being like 40 bucks for a 2lb container. That is a great value.

This protein can be used as your post workout shake and it can be used as a meal replacement. If you are following my X-Treme Fat Loss Diet, use it for post workout  and as your first meal with an apple. This is high quality and nutritious, so you can take it every day.

To read more about this protein and to purchase it, follow this link.